Why are you playing the game of tennis?  Did you start playing tennis because you often found yourself stating "I Love This Game"?   Does your community of friends play tennis?  Do you feel pressured to play the game due to your family's tennis background?  Is tennis your pathway to obtaining a college education?   As stated before, no one has ever entered the game because a love of the sport brought them in.  The "sport of a lifetime" is and will always be a vehicle with wheels which can be utilized to build upon a purpose and a plan.  This approach will create a multitude of players who are desiring a chance to participate from childhood to adulthood.  That said, many juniors have entered the game of tennis for several reasons, but the below three "personal desires" are the determining factors of capturing the minds and hearts of every junior who desire to play the game. Our attributes, assets and accomplishments are important:  

             PERSONAL TOUCH                                    PERSONAL RESOURCES                              PERSONAL RECOGNITION


In our attempt to grow the game of tennis, finding a steady stream of players was key.  Therefore, partnerships with public schools are important as they create a wealth of players and a perfect opportunity of delivering a personal touch.  Many great players reside within these classes and it has been a delight in assisting PE Coaches.  Having many players giving tennis a try is refreshing as this program is creating a solid foundation within the rural and inner-city underprivileged communities.  As a result, the affected players are in receipt of the personal touch which will greater the chance that they stay in the game.  In fact, players can rely on the classroom experience as tennis lessons, clinics and tournaments are now a reality.  The tennis community at large awaits their arrival as well as the economical worth that will greatly benefit the industry. Do these players exist in your school district?  Discover the answer by contacting us today!     




Can the sport of tennis e
xperience high levels of growth?  Is growth realistic?  Without answering these questions, assume that the powers to be are not great economists and subsequently can not ascertain economic principlesAs a result, the following (2) economic principles of law would not be present in their decision making as it pertains to growth within the game:

Law of Supply -  Microeconomic law that states all other factors being equal, as the price of a good or service increases the quantity of goods or services that suppliers offer will increase and vice versa.

Law of Demand - Microeconomic law that states, all other factors being equal, as the price of a good or service increases, consumer demand for the good or service will decrease and vice versa.

As you can see, when the price of a good or service increases the quantity of that good or service will increase.  Subsequently, when the price of a good or service increases the consumer demand for the good or service will decreaseHaving considered both principles of law, a price increase of a good or service would increase the output of the supplier while simultaneously decreasing the demand for the good or service.  That said, does it serve the tennis industry well to have a high cost structure when growth within the sport is needed?  According to the law of supply and demand, the cost structure of tennis can only create many coaches but unfortunately few players. Is this a fact?  When the market sets a cost of ($60) per lesson, many coaches will provide the service but the demand for the services will reside in the low percentile.  Sadly, the powers to be are not aware of this "economic fact" and have ignorantly failed at pushing growth initiatives that confronts the cost structure that dominates the sportIf the high cost of tennis lessons persist, there will be many coaches but few players.  "What will happen to these potential players who are being denied access due to economics?"  Due to the high cost structure of the sport, the parental guardian of these players will find a close substitute.  Simply stated, the financial responsibility of the game can not be met by the working class and their expected response can clearly be viewed within the following "definition of a substitute good":

Substitute Good -  Are two goods that could be used for the same purpose.  If the price of one good increases then demand for the substitute is likely to rise.

Having been in the position of losing potential players to more cost friendly sports, the reality on the ground is economics.  Yes, when parental guardians view the cost structure of tennis, a close substitute is more than often sought as "baseball, basketball, football and even soccer" are chosen over tennis.  Thus, tennis can not experience "high levels of growth" under the current cost structure and here within the heartbeat of tennis, we lowered the cost and raised the demand.   That said, Economics 101 is the pathway towards growth!

In closing, why is the sport ignoring these very apparent economic facts?   Are these economical principles being discussed among the Board of Directors?  Well, over the years many have wondered out loud regarding the following Human Resource question:

  Why are past tennis players making corporate decisions for a governing body who must grasp economic growth?

Unfortunately, tennis is the only sport where ex-players are granted access to the Corporate Leadership.  In other sports, these players are general managers, coaches and other executive team members but never have they been solicited for employment in the governing body of that sport. This fact is at the heart of the problem as great marketing and economical minds should be solicited for these positions if the sport of a lifetime expects to profit!!! 


Having the opportunity to coach many players, this organization is extremely pleased by the progress of rural and inner-city deserving youths.  In fact, we are encouraged by their "eagerness to learn" and look forward to the coming years of tournament play. Within great expectations, these players have risen above adversity in displaying a studious demeanor in difficult cultural environments.  A desire to play coupled with an attentive classroom demeanor  has pushed the bar of expectation to maximum height among the targeted players.  When the story is finally told, these studious and eager to learn students have been selected to lead the "Next Generation" of grassroots players.  Thank you, deserving youths for your attempt to promote tennis throughout the Grassroots Community and we would like to congratulate you on carrying the torch. That's right, these players are "exceeding their expectations" and here inside the heartbeat of tennis within the Grassroots Communities, we are prepared to push them beyond the expected desire.  In light of this potential, we are looking at the future with great expectations as the game of the Next Generation is in good hands.  Yes, these deserving youths have been entrusted with leading and we believe your on court play will compel your peers to follow your every move.  Players, embrace self discipline as this is your year to improve your game!!!  As always, Parental Wisdom 101, Tennis Fun For Everyone!!!  JOIN THE FUN!