Thank you for visiting the Information Center of Tennis in St Petersburg, Florida and it is our hope that there does exist a desire to join this association's promoting of tennis within the "St Petersburg Area".    Here within the mission to spark tennis growth throughout this historical community, we are committed to ensuring that residents view the game as a vehicle to restoring valor and integrity to the city!!   That said, if you or anyone within your grasp would like to take advantage of our offering of free tennis lessons, please contact us by utilizing any of the below methods. The offering of free tennis lessons are being officiated at the below location.  Again, thanks for visiting our home and hopefully we can count on your community support. As always, Parental Wisdom 101, Tennis Fun For Everyone!

Location:   TBA

As always, we appreciate the attempt of promoting tennis within our city and hopefully we can count on our community to join the fun! 

St Petersburg, Florida 


On April 1, 2020, Bachi Sports will sponsor a Spring Season Player To Watch plus (4) Honorable Mention grassroots players.  It is here where Parental Wisdom 101 will be highlighted for the assistance afforded to each player embarking on a journey towards progress.  This organization is committed to developing "Parent Taught Players".   That stated, if you are a Parental Guardian or Parent Taught Player who has been denied access to training, tournaments and equipment;  this organization will be investing corporate resources throughout the community within the intent of discovering the next Player To Watch!!  Do your best, then Go Further!!!